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Inner Peace And Balance Amazonite Stones Bracelet
Amazonite is a soothing stone. Wear it and you will immediately feel a sense of inner peace and balance. Amazonite is a mint green to aqua green stone said to be truth, honour, communication, integrity, hope and trust. It is...
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Peace And Harmony Variscite Stones Bracelet
Variscite brings feelings of peace, joy and harmony to your heart. It relieves stress, boosts love, compassion and inner peace. The rocks are mounted on an elasticated cord. Length:18-19cm,8 mm beads.Materials : variscite stones.Will fit most adult wrist very comfortably.If you...
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Zebra Jasper Stones Bracelet
Jasper ♥ Calm ♥ Spirituality Calming and Soothing. Encourages determination and solution seeking. They are nurturing and protective stones that bring comfort by alleviating fear,stress and anxiety. The rocks are mounted on an elasticated cord. Length:18-19cm, 10 mm beads. Materials: jasper...
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'Protection And Growth' Moonstone Diffuser Bracelet
Moonstone is said in crystal healing to help calm responses and stress, and avoid overreaction. It brings hope, enhances feminine energies, sensitivity, intuition, and psychic abilities. It is also said to bring strong energies of abundance to one’s life. Moonstone...
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'Harmony And Abundance' Blue Jade Stone Bracelet
Jade stone is a symbol of purity and serenity. Calms the nervous system and channels passion in constructive ways. Believed to attract good luck and friendship. Helps with prosperity, wellbeing and enjoying being alive. The rocks are mounted on an...
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'Self Love' Rose Quartz Bracelet
♥Love ♥ Harmony ♥ Anxiety Relief The love stone is believed to heal emotional wounds, and mend broken hearts. It relieves anxiety. Adds positive love energy to relationships. Replaces negativity with harmony. Compassion and forgiveness.   The rocks are mounted...
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Strong, durable and forever in fashion, our sterling silver studs have been made to last, adorning your ears with style and charisma day and night.

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You won’t find unique and interesting earring designs like these anywhere else! Hand-crafted by our clever jewellers, these are incredibly special healing pieces.

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Pearl Earrings

Classic, timeless earrings that transcend all seasons and turn every outfit into something elegant, our pearl earrings are an investment you deserve!

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BeAdorned with Stone Bracelets, Sterling Silver Earrings and Stunning Drop Necklaces


At BeAdorned, we believe in the healing power of nature and the energising benefits that come from crystals and gemstones. Take a look at our wide jewellery selection and choose pieces based on your own spiritual needs or purchase a gift for someone who really needs a little extra help in calming their mind, body and soul.

We firmly believe in the power of taking what you need and leaving what you don’t, so we have also crafted a range of beautiful items made for accessorising only – ideal for those with reservations about crystal healing.


Renowned Anxiety Bracelet UK Manufacturer

We are well-known for our adorable anxiety bracelet collection, intended to calm the mind at times when it is overactive and all-consuming. Not only are these bracelets a delight to admire, they also harness the energies of gemstones formed deep in the ground, cultivating positive healing powers from the earth. Crystals are one of the few worldly objects able to store this energy. When warmed by the body heat from your wrist, they release that energy, so that you can feel better simply by being in the presence of these beautiful items. When combined with positive thoughts, amazing things can happen.


Browse Our Range of Stress Relief Bracelets, UK Made and Delivered

Feel more relaxed and in control at times of high-stress with our beautiful stress relief bracelets, made to focus the mind on the task at hand. While the crystal stones have been chosen with the intention to help bring inner peace and calm to the mind, the bracelets themselves are quite an attractive adornment, so they can even be enjoyed during times of complete relaxation.

At BeAdorned, the customer is our priority, so we aim to do all we can to ensure a stress-free experience when shopping with us, while continuing to alleviate stress for the lifetime of your bracelet.


Have You Heard About Our Lava Diffuser Bracelet UK Customers?

Each and every one has been delighted with their lava diffuser bracelet purchase, using them in conjunction with essential oils to lift or calm their mood as appropriate for the situation. They are so easy to use – simply add a couple of drops of your favourite fragrance to the porous lava stone and enjoy it as it diffuses throughout the day. Perfect for times of high stress or for busy days when you are feeling low on energy.

Did you know we don’t just sell bracelets? Check out our sterling silver earrings and gorgeous necklaces too!

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