'Sensitive Soul' Tridacna Stones Bracelet
'Sensitive Soul' Tridacna Stones Bracelet
'Sensitive Soul' Tridacna Stones Bracelet
'Sensitive Soul' Tridacna Stones Bracelet
'Sensitive Soul' Tridacna Stones Bracelet

'Sensitive Soul' Tridacna Stones Bracelet

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 You won’t find a bracelet whiter than our tridacna stones bracelet, made up of the whitest stones on earth, this intense piece of jewellery has been created to ward off evil spirits while making an incredible statement on your arm.

Tridacna shell beads are an incredibly rare find, originating from the Tridacna clams off the coast of the Philippines. Bright and glossy, it is thought to have anti-aging properties, while also making the wearer more tolerant to irritating situations and helping to increase their wisdom. The tridacna stone is particularly useful for those with sensitive or nervous dispositions, since it works to reduce worry and soothe the nerves, with an overall balancing effect for the mind and body. It is a stone for optimism and protection – both for the wearer and for those around them.

We’ve combined our tridacna beads with cracked crystal beads, which, of course, come with their own set of healing benefits. The combination of tridacna shell and crystal is extremely powerful, ensuring strengthening, positive and protective energies are always available to you. This mixture of stones makes this bracelet all the more interesting. From afar, it might look as though you are wearing a bracelet made of all the same bead, but upon closer inspection the shell stones are much brighter and whiter and the cracked crystal adds a unique affect. Made to boost a sensitive soul, the shell beads won’t only make you feel stronger, but they’ll also make a wonderful accessory to any outfit, sure to stand out no matter what you wear with them.



The rocks are mounted on an elasticated cord.

Length:18-19cm,8 mm beads.

Materials: tridacna and cracked crystal stones.

Will fit most adult wrist very comfortably.

If you need a size outside of this, or would like a custom size please specify at checkout.


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