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Crystals Amethyst Bracelet
Restful Sleep Healing Crystals

Restful Sleep Healing Crystals Amethyst Bracelet
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Helping to restore a sense of calm into your life, this healing crystals bracelet also possesses a versatile beauty.

The polished bead design rolls on to the wrist with ease while it's rich overall tone add a luxurious edge to any outfit.

The amethyst crystals chosen for its construction are said to be some of the most powerful options for promoting good sleep. They are said to calm the soul while effectively helping to draw stress and anxiety away from the body.

Highly soothing and relaxing, amethysts are noted for their ability to repel negative energy and replace it with relaxing alternative. 

The rocks are mounted on an elasticated cord.

Length:18-19cm,8 mm beads.Will fit most adult wrists very comfortably.

If you need a size outside of this,or would like a custom size please specify at checkout.

Materials:amethyst stones.


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