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Men Rosary Necklace
Black Onyx Beads And Skull Pendant
Black Onyx Beads And Skull Pendant
Necklace Black Onyx Beads Pendant

Men Rosary Necklace Black Onyx Beads And Skull Pendant
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Beautifully simplistic, this longer length rosary necklace is sure to appeal to men and women alike.

It is entirely strung with highly polished Black Onyx beads which sit gently against the neckline and shimmer as the light passes over them.

This particular stone is highly regarded in the spiritual world for its ability to bestow protection and strength upon its owner. Gifting the wearer with a sense of heightened confidence, it provides a barrier against unnatural drains of your personal energy while also helping to transform negative vibes through absorption. The simple 'Y' design in this necklace includes the addition of two polished silver beads that contrast effortlessly against their black backdrop.  


Length:31,5 inches.


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