Diffuser Bracelet – ‘Self-Confidence’ Bracelet
Diffuser Bracelet – ‘Self-Confidence’ Bracelet
Diffuser Bracelet – ‘Self-Confidence’ Bracelet
Diffuser Bracelet – ‘Self-Confidence’ Bracelet
Diffuser Bracelet – ‘Self-Confidence’ Bracelet

Diffuser Bracelet – ‘Self-Confidence’ Bracelet

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You can’t help but feel a little rush of confidence when wearing our super-stylish diffuser bracelet, sure to boost your ego with the number of compliments you’ll receive when wearing it.

 This is the best diffuser bracelet for improving your feelings of self-worth. Made with striking agate gemstone, this black bracelet offers much in the way of healing properties. Thought to be constantly radiating positive energy, these black gemstones are said to bring you good luck and things you need, even if you don’t know you need them yet! You should wear this agate bracelet when you need to focus and sharpen your concentration and you can also place the stones over tired eyes to help soothe them.

 Combined with our lovely lava stone, this becomes an essential oil bracelet. The natural diffusing properties of the stones make it perfect for enjoying aromatherapeutic healing. Simply add a couple of drops of your favourite scent to the stones and this lava stone bracelet will ensure you continue to experience wafts of the aroma throughout the day. If self-confidence is your issue, use oils such as bergamot, cardamom and coriander to boost your esteem.

 We think this is a wonderful lava bracelet that will suit most people at some point. We all have days where we lack confidence and feel unsure about ourselves and this essential oil bracelet is just what you need to get your mind and ego back on track.

 Beautifully sculpted and polished by hand, each and every agate stone and lava bead has been made into a perfect sphere before being made into part of our Self-Confidence bracelet. You might be feeling a little down on yourself, but you can be confident in the knowledge that you will receive a bracelet that is made to the highest quality standards.


The rocks are mounted on an elasticated cord.

Will fit most adult wrists very comfortably.

If you need a size outside of this,or would like a custom size please specify at checkout.

Length:18-19cm,8 mm beads.

Materials:lava and agate stones.

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