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Beaded Cuff Bracelet Leather
3 Layers Natural Stones Bracelet

Beaded Cuff Bracelet Leather 3 Layers Natural Stones
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Find a bracelet that stands out among the rest with this beaded jasper cuff bracelet. Crafted from a flexible leather, it has a rustic feel that pairs well with most masculine and feminine styles.

The natural and organic colours running through it appeal to those with a relaxed sense of beauty.

This beautifully handmade cuff bracelet features natural jasper stones, renowned for its strong connection with the Earth's energy.

This stone is said to have healing properties that help to strengthen your feelings of stability and strength.

In this piece, a 3 layer design sees jasper used in all it's various tones - from dusty browns through to vibrant turquoise. A beautiful accessory that you'll be hardpressed not to love. 

It has 3 closures for adjustment.


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