Whether gifting someone cherished or treating yourself, the perfect packaging can make that moment seem even more precious. For all those special occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries and milestone celebrations, we are able to gift wrap your BeAdorned purchase before delivery.

 We pride ourselves in offering a wide range of truly one-of-a-kind items for your loved one. From our versatile sterling silver collection to our spiritual healing crystal bracelets, you'll find something utterly exquisite to offer as a token of your affection. Each of our handmade and unique jewellery items will be packaged in our luxurious kraft box. As well as offering protecting during storage, this allows you to present your gift in a beautiful surrounding - only adding to its sentimental value.

 For that extra touch, we are also able to add a personalised message into the gift for you. Simply let us know the loving words you wish to convey and we will hand write your note on to a beautiful gift card. This is then slipped into the gift box - ensuring they'll beam with joy upon opening it. And for those seeking to personalise the gift themselves, leave the box blank and we will deliver a plain gift card to you. Then you can fill it with your own unique and recognisable handwriting for that truly personal feel.

 Our gift wrapping service is available on all jewellery items here at BeAdorned and can make a true difference to their day. Take the hassle and stress out of finding the perfect wrapping paper and let us do all the hard work for you.

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