Unique Handmade Jewellery Gift Ideas for Christmas

As the most magical time of the year rolls around, it's time to start making your gift list. And, we're not talking about the kind that gets posted directly to the North Pole. Christmas is a time to tell your loved one exactly how you feel by finding the perfect gift and wrapping it up with a bow. And, with more and more options out there, it has become increasingly important to choose your presents early to avoid disappointment.

 So, what do you choose for the modern woman in your life? Well, as trends and styles change, more and more people are looking for meaningful, ethical and unique jewellery. Items that give her the power to express her unique personality while making a conscious choice about her impact on the environment. With more and more focus being given to sustainable fashion, the term 'handmade jewellery' has become a trending term, sought out by those seeking beautiful details, comfortable style and reasonable prices.

 If you're in the market for an entirely unique gift for that special woman, look no further. Today, we are going to discuss a number of jewellery options, each one crafted by a skilled artisan and each one guaranteed to bring a smile to their face.

 Stackable Bracelets

 A trend that never goes out of fashion, stackable bracelets are an ideal choice for any trend conscious woman. The beauty of these dainty bracelets is their versatility. Whether worn on their own, stacked alongside other bracelets or worn with other accessories such as watches or cuffs, they can be used to create a unique look. Choose a stackable bracelet in their favourite colours or birthstone. Or, as many are strung with small charms, pick one that links to a recent event in their life that has brought them joy.

 Meaningful Gemstones

 The charm of gemstones is something that has captivated us for many years. Whether you connect with their spiritual power or have loved the idea of birthstones since you were young, there is something here for everyone. Certain birthstones are said to bring love into your life, such as the Amethyst or Garnet and are the perfect gift for someone needing a boost at this time of year. Or, gemstones such as Citrine, are noted for their ability to bring positivity into your life. Read our blog post about the spiritual meanings behind gemstones to find the perfect, meaningful gift for a loved one.

 Jewellery inspired by nature

 Does she love slow Autumn walks through leafy forests? Or does she have a soft spot for fluffy, bouncing bunnies? Jewellery pieces inspired by the charm of nature are sure to bring a smile to her face instantly. Whether they come in the form of budding flowers or  prowling animals, these accessories are sure to stand out from their collection and become much beloved choices for any celebration.


 Filigree detailing on an item of jewellery has always been revered as an object of artistic creation. The ethereal strings of threads, beads of other dancing elements that curve around the item are commonly chosen to give an intricate semblance with a dream-like effect. Gone are the days where filigree arts was reserved solely for expensive heirloom pieces such as gold or silver ornaments. These days, custom-made filigree jewellery can be crafted in various arabesques, vines and other shapes.

 The final beauty when it comes to handmade jewellery is your ability to customise the design. By talking directly with the designer, you can create a item that is utterly unique and special for your loved one. Alongside this, with their handmade nature, these exquisite accessories are never exactly the same. Crafted with the hands, skills and expertise of the artisan in question, they feature slight differences in each piece that make them even more special.

 As the most magical time of the year rolls around, choose a gift that will have them smiling from ear to ear.



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