Stone Bracelets

Jewellery that soothes and remedies bodily ailments, our Stone Bracelets are both beautiful and restorative, sure to enhance your style while improving your health. Choose a stone that best befits your issue, whether it is one of the mind or body, and use it to lift your mood and relieve any stress you may be feeling. Stack the bracelets for days when you are feeling particularly blue, allowing the combination of the stones’ natural healing properties to serve your emotions.

Beautiful, yet dainty, these bracelets are not overpowering or extroverted, so that you never need feel as though you are wearing your moods on your wrist.

Crystal Healing Bracelets for All Moods

Crystal stones are particularly effective at holding onto energy, so that they affect our moods when we are around them. When used alone, they are certain to boost your feelings, with specific stones for different required energies. When incorporated with your thoughts, the difference is intense, giving you a stronger sense of change.

So, whether you are looking for something to relieve stress and tension, something to help you relax or something to get you in a romantic mood, choose the appropriate bracelet, adapt your thoughts to the feeling you want to experience and wait for the magic to happen!

Embrace the Power of Chakra Stone Bracelets

You already have everything you need to succeed, but our chakra stone bracelets help you realise those desires. Our stones are 100% natural, harvested after years of forming deep underground, taking their time to soak up the energy and healing properties of the earth. We then take them back to our studio and sculpt and polish them into the perfect sphere to adorn your bracelet. Every single piece is unique, with its own markings created after years of heat and pressure, so that nobody else in the world will have a bracelet like yours.

A Leading Chakra Bracelet UK Manufacturer

BeAdorned have built up a reputation for quality and excellence over the years, establishing themselves as a leading manufacturer for healing bracelets within the UK. Carefully handcrafting every stone means that we are able to cultivate a deep connection with our products, adding a little of our own love and energy to the beads, allowing us to feel a little bit closer to our customers.

Our products have been made with the intention of improving the moods of others, so that they may be a little calmer and happier by making one small tweak to their daily routine.

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