Multiple Bracelets: The irresistible trend for 2018

 When it comes to creating an individual style, the fashion-conscious of 2018 are turning towards multiple bracelets. Also referred to as wrist stacks or bracelet stacking, this popular trend sees arms laden high with your favourite bracelets, bangles and wrap. 2018 is the year for embracing your individuality and turning your back on classic design. Why settle for the exact same look you’ve gravitated towards for the past century? Take a step out of the box and discover a trend that allows you to be truly unique every single day.

Spotted across the catwalks, the multiple bracelet trend can be seen gracing the arms of many a model. From the SS18 collections that emerged from Christian Dior, Gucci and Saint Laurent, we’ve seen it expressed in various different forms. Multicoloured wrists that embrace fabric festival markers and gemstone bracelets through to vintage bracelets paired with polished silver bangles for a clash of metalwear. This rising trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast and we’re confident it will find its way into your look in no time.

Experiment and play around with the different bracelets that currently sit within your jewellery collection. Healing bracelets strung with stress relief stones can be paired effortlessly with organically shaped, natural stone bracelets for something truly special. Or, how about partnering a leather wrap bracelet with something utterly feminine such as a Rose Quartz chain bracelet? The choice really is yours.

Not to isolate anyone, it is a style that can be worn by both men and women. There is something impressively masculine about a dark Onyx bracelet stacked up against the powerful talisman properties of Hematite. On the flip side, our chakra healing bracelets have such a bold array of colour paired with their spiritual meaning that they make a divine partner to diffuser bead bracelets of all different kinds.

The best way to embrace this trend into your wardrobe is to banish all fear. Multiple bracelets rarely look wrong - the goal is always to stack, create and experiment until you adore the party sitting across your wrist. Play around with your favourite handmade beads and pick out certain features by pairing them with bracelets you don’t wear as much. A new partnering may be just what you need to pluck forgotten items out of your collection and give them a new leash of life.

Take a browse through our large collection of natural stone bracelets for the inspiration needed to put this effortless style into practice today.

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