Healing Crystals: What are they and how can they be used to better your life?

Helping to balance out your individual energy flow, healing crystals have long been renowned for their powerful effects on our minds and bodies. These semi-precious stones are found deep within the Earth and are scientifically proven to amplify energy – a property that sees them used in hospitals and the horology industry. When worn close to the skin, they rebalance the seven  chakras and cleanse auras.

The most common types used are the Clear Quartz, the Rose Quartz and the Amethyst healing crystal. However, we have included a few of our favourite in this list too.

Clear Quartz

Said to be a master healer, Clear Quartz wards of negative energy. It is said to balance and revitalise physical, mental and emotional energies while cleansing the organs. Aiding in concentration, this healing crystal stimulates the wearers immune system and helps to harmonise all seven chakras.

Rose Quartz

With it's gentle pink tone, Rose Quartz has long been associates with love and romance. It links directly to the heart chakra, helping to soothe emotional wounds and the feeling of resentment. The feminine stone is a talisman of relationships which helps attract new love and strengthen bonds between family and friends.


The Amethyst healing crystal is a calming stone that brings about a meditative state. It works to promote calm and peace in line with eliminating impatience. Amethyst is said to enhance ones creativity and imagination while heightening our ability to feel passionate and to assimilate new ideas.


This cleansing stone is said to both eliminate and transform negative energy. For those in demanding roles, Agate can help to improve concentration and enhance mental function. The soothing properties allow it to heal feelings of anger or tension while also protecting the user from the effects of negative energy.


Known as a nurturing stone, Jasper has a strong connection to the Earth which stabilises and grounds the user. With a range of different types, this healing crystal has the ability to lift sunken spirits, help to bring about a meditative state and enhance your endurance.

Tigers Eye

Renowned as a protective stone, Tigers Eye is a healing crystal that offers good luck to the user. Helping to focus the mind and provide mental clarity, it can be used to heal psychosomatic illnesses while squashing feelings of fear or anxiety. The stone is said to help the user make decisions that are unclouded by emotions.

Lava Rock

Lava Rock is a healing crystal that is said to ground the user and strengthen their connection with the Earth. Offering the courage and strength needed through times of change, it has a calming nature that effectively works to sooth anger.


With it's rich colour, Onyx is able to absorb and transform negative energy. It acts as an emotional support during moments of duress, confusion or grief. Helping the user to develop their emotional strength and stamina, it guards against negativity while helping to enhance feelings of self-control.


Healing crystals jewellery is a great way to ease yourself into this powerful and respected form of self wellness. Combining a love for beauty with a desire to better your inner chakra, take a moment to browse our range of semi-precious gemstone jewellery and discover the benefits of healing stones for yourself.




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