Gifts with deeper meaning – How to find the perfect crystal for your next celebration

When it comes to gifting a loved one, crystals are a thoughtful way of sending your best wishes. Many of the most recognisable stones are noted for their abilities to boost moods, calm the soul and bring about a sense of confidence during times of hardship. But, how do you know which crystal is the right choice? Unlike choosing from different coloured jackets or browsing through a range of different perfumes, crystals have a wealth of spiritual strength to offer. For this reason, it is important that you understand how to choose the perfect gift for any celebration.

 Firstly, consider your relationship with the person in question. Are they a romantic partner? Or, perhaps they're a beloved family member? Or even a close colleague. By understanding the relationship, it will help you to determine what energy you wish to send their way. Next, it is important to consider the happenings in their life at this specific moment. Are they having a stressful time at work or perhaps they're struggling to find themselves? Choosing the perfect crystal could help boost them out of a slumped mood or bring love into their lives, so take time to understand where they are at this point.

 For those with a keen interest in spiritual healing, it could help to consider what energy would be best for their current situation. Perhaps someone dealing with heartache could use a boost of love and the reminder that this powerful emotion will return one day? Or maybe it's a boost in confidence which will get them out of a dark place and push them forward to success. Whatever the conclusion of your research, a spiritual crystal should always be given with thoughtful intention.

 Now, let's look at a number of popular crystal options and reasons why they could make the perfect gift.

 Rose Quartz

 This romantic stone should be given as a gift of love - for both romantic connections and those family members you hold closest. It helps to infuse your unbreakable both with a strong, loving energy and is said to attract this energy to the owner. Perfect for mum, sister or your best friend, it also a recommended stone for new Mummies - said to provide compassion and patience in these new stages of life.


 This calming stone is said to relax and chill the soul. Perfect for anyone dealing with high levels of stress, it encourages peace and helps to absorb negative energy. Consider this stone as a gift for anyone who needs a moment of contemplation and calm in their lives.


 Another stone of romance, the Garnet is said to attract love and wealth into your life. It stands as a symbol of passion and desire - perfect for boosting the love felt within all kinds of relationships. Gift to friends, families and your other half to further strengthen that undeniable bond.


 This protective stone is the ideal choice for anyone going through a hard time. It is said to exude strength and courage onto the owner while helping to promote stability and balance. Consider agate for anyone whose life has recently been turned upside down or anyone looking to find themselves again.


 For anyone struggling to stay grounded, Hematite is the stone of choice. It absorbs negative energy and provides a sense of calm during stressful and worrying situations. Gift to loved ones who need to feel that things will get better with time.

 Spiritual crystals are a gift that keeps on giving and one that promises to become cherished over time. Discover the perfect crystals and natural stone bracelets here today for your loved one.